An Ironic Slap in the Face

“Nothing kills man faster than his own head.”

In retrospect, taking a course in communications while struggling with social anxiety probably wasn’t the best idea, but in my defence, I only found out I had S.A.D a year into the whole thing. It was also the only course that matched my interests well so ain’t that just the most ironic slap in the face… Anyway, after the realisation and a really horrible summer, came a few months of Behavioural Cognitive Therapy which helped me cope with social anxiety’s trademark affliction of persistent antagonistic thoughts. Fun.

So I chose to use this blog as a means of discussing and exploring Music Therapy. Why? Because my therapist made me realise that music is what never ever fails to calm me down in any situation. I can totally get on the whole ‘healing power of music’ bandwagon. I only found out recently that Music Therapy is a legit thing and that there are board certified music therapists running around out there.

After a few hours on Google, my basic understanding of Music Therapy is that it’s an expressive kind of therapy where patients can be treated through singing, playing, listening to, discussing and moving to music. I’m focusing on the listening aspect of it all because that’s my greatest understanding of it and there is nothing quite like relating to the lyrics of a song. So to finish off this first post, here is a relatable song for my anxiety: